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Industry & Business

Jefferson County Growth Association strives to help maintain job growth and a high quality of life for our citizens by sharing information and spearheading initiatives that address business challenges and foster a positive business environment.

A recent example is the Jefferson County Manufacturing/Engineering Economic Summit, where JCGA, Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and Jefferson College invited plant representatives from manufacturing/engineering companies to discuss their needs, including talent attraction and training.

Jefferson County Growth Association hold regular meetings and provides speakers addressing topics focused on business improvements and growth. Through collaborative partnerships with the Economic Development Corporation, Jefferson College, elected officials, government entities and local Chambers of Commerce, the JCGA fosters an environment which encourages progressive businesses to thrive in Jefferson County.

Events held by the Jefferson County Growth Association offer businesses and business owners, numerous opportunities for networking and interacting not only with the community, but business prospects and each other.

Manufacturing and Engineering

The first of several economic/business summits was hosted by Jefferson County Growth Association, Jefferson College and the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) when manufacturing plant and engineering company representatives were invited to discuss their needs. Strategic leaders, human resource officials, and other representatives from manufacturing/engineering provided input on key areas:

  • Talent Attraction
  • Workforce Development and Training
  • Educational Attainment
  • Plant Expansion
  • Broadband Access
  • Riverfront and Waterway Access
  • Roadway Infrastructure
  • Trade and Exporting

Jefferson County Growth Association will continue to partner and convene additional business summits throughout the year, engaging different segments of the community, i.e. small business and community resources. Discussion from business owners and service providers will help us develop put in place plans to streamline services, support and promote existing and new organizations and industries and their growth.

One Plan, One Voice

“One Plan One Voice” is a multi-year plan to transform Jefferson County into a destination community attracting businesses, families and tourists for its quality of life and economic opportunity. From a regional brand that illustrates our strengths and enhances regional perceptions, prioritized roadway and safety improvements, support of continued investment in education, broadband connectivity and strategic business and economic development partnerships, JCGA leadership, members and partners create the road map and work together for economic prosperity.