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Broadband Initiative

Uniform broadband connectivity continues to be a need in the county. While Jefferson College and the Jefferson County school districts have addressed broadband issues on their campuses, various rural areas throughout the county continue to lack access to reliable broadband service. Adequate broadband access and technologically literate populations are essential for Jefferson County to take advantage of the benefits that high-speed, next-generation broadband can provide not only for education and personal enjoyment, but also for the creation of jobs and export of services. Broadband access/availability is a quality of life necessity.

Supporting Transportation and Road Improvements

JCGA continues to support roadway infrastructure and safety improvements throughout Jefferson County. Improvement to trunk roads, upgrading feeder roads, and the establishment of a viable East-West corridor are essential elements of a long-range economic development plan.

Safety First Coalition

Several JCGA leaders are part of Safety First, a county-wide coalition formed to address roadway safety concerns, identify priorities, and help local and state leaders identify funding options.

The Safety First coalition is focusing on the Missouri Department of Transportation’s (MODOT) “Missouri Blueprint” to reduce motor-vehicle crashes and the resulting injuries and deaths by promoting safety belt use, safety enforcement, intersection and shoulder safety, roadway visibility and signage and other strategies to make Jefferson County a safer place to drive.